scene from UW-Madison campus
scene from UW-Madison campus
scene from UW-Madison campus

Welcome Parents/Guardians!

The Engineering Career Services (ECS) staff welcomes you to browse our website to become familiar with the many career related resources and events available to your Wisconsin Engineer! ECS is one of nine career services offices on campus and specializes in coordinating recruiting activities and developing career/job search programs. Our team works year round to connect engineering employers with our students and alumni.

As professionals who have each worked a decade or two in the field, we want to offer you some advice to pass on to your son or daughter, as well as some highlights of our programs and pertinent news articles.

General advice:

  • Encourage your son or daughter, but do not do the work for them
  • Support and provide information, but allow them to take responsibility
  • ECS offers three programs for students and alumni:

  • Summer internships (freshmen – graduate students)
  • Cooperative education (co-ops) opportunities (sophomores – graduate students)
  • Professional hire after graduation (graduates and alumni with BS, MS and PhD degrees )
  • To maximize their job search, students should refer to the ECS Calendar of Events and:

  • Register with ECS in their freshmen or sophomore year by attending one of our member meetings
  • Attend ECS job search workshops, panel discussions and seminars on resume building, interview preparation, transitioning to professional, graduate school considerations and financial planning
  • Participate in career fairs held each September and February
  • Sign up for mock interviews with employer volunteers
  • Take full advantage of a large variety of campus interviews
  • Attend employer information sessions
  • Review co-op or intern papers written by previous students
  • Meet individually with ECS staff regarding any aspect of their job search
  • Be persistent, professional and confident in developing skills
  • Students achieve success in the job market when they (in priority order):

  • Maintain an overall GPA of > 3.0
  • Secure at least one summer internship or co-op prior to graduating
  • Become a leader in one or two (at most) student organizations
  • Study abroad in a unique culture
  • Interesting facts:

  • Freshmen can search for a summer internship prior to being accepted into a College of Engineering department
  • Approximately 85% of BS graduates secure at least one work term as a summer intern or co-op engineer prior to graduation.
  • Seniors can seek an internship between their BS graduation and the start of graduate school
  • Interns and co-ops are paid on average 75% of a FT engineering salary and gain valuable real-world experience.
  • See the “statistics” bar above to review salary averages, the undergraduate report and current employers recruiting on campus lists.
  • A few topics of importance include:

    Job Search

  • ECS offers all the programs and services required to develop the skills required to get a job. Forbes: Top Seven Things To Do To Get A Job
  • Be sure your on-line profile is professional and private. Careerbuilder: Warning: Social Networking Can Be Hazardous to Your Job Search.
  • Networking is an important tool - you can help! A Successful Job Search: It's all about Networking

    Employer Perspectives

  • In a tight job market, employers can be selective in screening candidates. Therefore it is important for candidates to focus on the basics (GPA), secure an internship or co-op experience soon in their undergraduate career, and hold a leadership role in a student organization. NACE: What Do Employers Look for in Candidates
  • Job Market

  • As many big companies are announcing mass layoffs, these 20 top employers have at least 350 openings each right now CNN: They're Hiring!
  • The overall recruiting activity index for January 2010 is 98.6, which continues the trend toward increased on-campus activity. NACE: On-Campus Recruiting Activity Climbs, Hiring Plans Slip
  • While the job market for new college graduates remains tough, there are signs that the job market is improving. NACE: College Job Market Shows Signs of Improvement
  • New college graduates may be entering the worst job market in decades, but there are still some majors that pay off—and all of them are in the applied sciences. WSJ: Engineering Grads Earn the Most
  • Young workers are flocking to city centers....A Youthful Migration Prompts Companies to Relocate Source: Workforce Management
  • Student Job Offers Decisions

  • Senior college grads often accept job offers because they are closer to mom and dad. Read article. NACE: Salary, Proximity to Mom and Dad Key to Job Acceptance
  • Madison ranks number one! And Milwaukee is not far behind. Forbes: Ten Cities for Job Growth
  • They May Still Need Your Support

  • College grads are facing one of the most difficult job markets in decades. They, however, are optimistic, yet realistic about the length of time needed to find a job. WSJ: Survey Shows Optimism for Long Haul

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