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Engineering Career Services Programs

Our goal is to connect talented engineering students and alumni with employing organizations. We work directly with recruiters and corporate contacts assist in their hiring and outreach efforts. In addition, we have an educational mission to serve our students and alumni.

Cooperative Education and Internship Program

Students gain invaluable "real world" engineering experiences working with a variety of industries and governmental agencies throughout the world during our dynamic co-op/summer intern program. Employers have the opportunity to hire outstanding students early in their engineering education and to participate in the education process while pre-screening potential full-time hires.

requires the completion of up to 12 months of engineering experience distributed over three work terms. Participants are undergraduates and typically begin during the sophomore or junior years. The three work terms are comprised of summers and semesters.

begins in January or June and provides continuous employment for approximately eight months. This co-op lends itself best to employers with project-based work that requires more extensive training. Undergraduates may participate during the sophomore, junior or senior years.

is for employers seeking undergraduate or graduate students during the summer months. These assignments provide students exposure to engineering while enabling the employer to fill short-term project needs.

Advantages to the employer include:

  • participating in the educational process
  • developing a stronger, experienced workforce
  • identifying outstanding students for potential employment at graduation
  • maintaining effective college relations
  • evaluating an individual's performance prior to making a full-time commitment
  • sharing new technology, research and procedures

Successful Programs Require Quality Assignments
Planning is important to the success of the co-op or intern experience. A clear understanding of the student's projects and responsibilities is crucial to the quality of the assignment. A challenging work assignment, slightly above the student's abilities, will motivate and educate the student and increase the contribution to the organization. The student should be considered a professional within the organization and be included in appropriate decision-making processes and meetings. Employers are encouraged to provide opportunities for students to participate in training programs.

Program Requirements
The employer: ensures a quality work environment that promotes learning and professional ethics designates challenging projects relevant to student's major assigns an engineer as a supervisor provides ongoing support and feedback to the student offers appropriate compensation and training.

The university: refers qualified students with good academic standing serves as campus liaison for the employer coordinates campus recruiting efforts.

The student: performs meaningful engineering tasks and contributes to projects maintains good academic standing during school terms registers for academic credit when required by the university or employer displays a willingness and ability to learn and perform in a professional manner.

Professional Program

Interview students graduating with BS, MS, and PhD degrees in over ten degree areas. On-campus interviews, on-line resume data sheets, two annual career fairs, a job posting system, and our staff can assist you with satisfying your professional hiring needs.

Alumni Program

Experienced alumni and recent graduates also utilize ECS. Resume data sheets are available and you can post your positions on-line, as well as include alumni in your on-campus interviews.

Degrees Offered:

MajorBS LevelMS LevelPhD Level
Biomedical EngineeringBSMSPhD
Chemical EngineeringBSMSPhD
Civil & Environmental Engineering (Construction option)BSMSPhD
Computer EngineeringBS
Electrical EngineeringBSMSPhD
Engineering Mechanics (Astronautics option)BSMSPhD
Geological EngineeringBSMSPhD
Industrial EngineeringBSMSPhD
Manufacturing Systems EngineeringMS
Material ScienceBSMSPhD
Mechanical EngineeringBSMSPhD
Nuclear Engineering & Engineering PhysicsBSMSPhD
Polymer Engineering & ScienceME
Additional programs served by ECS:
Biological Systems Engineering (Agricultural)BSMSPhD
Computer Sciences (Letters & Sciences)BSMSPhD
Operations & Information Management (Business)MS
Physics (Letters and Sciences)BSMSPhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences (School of Pharmacy)PhD